This is an organic development of my method, it is under constant revision, I only have myself to judge it. I always thought there must be a better way to decent health rather than always taking pills, enemas and injections. The safety and regulations of injections remain disputed but largely undiscussed. The big pharmaceutical manufacturers themselves seem to possess a ‘get out of jail free card’, that prevents them from being sued, with governments often appearing to act in loco parentis.

I suffered UC for 12 or 13 hellish years although there have been good times, generally I’d been living in a state of trepidation until I felt my intestines were getting worse again. I bounced between states of flaring followed by relatively good health. A subsequent alteration to the state of my intestinal health returned me to diarrhoea, mucus and constipation, probably some bleeding. The constipation always felt as if I was battling superglue.

Why was this happening to me? I started to try find the cause for vaccine damaged individuals which I suspected included me. I looked at the contents of the vaccines, starting alphabetically, ignoring various trace metals and concentrating instead on those used in relatively large amounts. What is common to most vaccines? I think the Aluminium adjuvant. I recall reading about the murine experiments – injecting mice/rats brains with the adjuvant – and the states of confusion that ensued.

I remembered using Aluminium kettles and saucepans before, how it altered the taste of the water, and tainted it, but thought little of it. Perhaps I knew that wasn’t healthy, but I never considered the water. After all, water is water isn’t it?

When I read The Daily Mail’s report ‘Village of the Dammed’, about the Camelford Water Incident, I was drawn to the tragic story of Carole Cross. An excess of Aluminium salts added to clear the water caused illnesses. Professor Christopher Exley from Keele University, the Birchall Centre, an expert who studies Aluminium states drinking 1 litre/day of silicon rich water (SRW) as a method he used for testing people’s urine for exposure to inimical Aluminium salts. I wondered how drinking the water might affect my Ulcerative Colitis.

I started to drink Volvic water as the other water he mentions using; Spritzer is not widely available in the UK near me, and Fiji is too expensive. There are a few other brands to lookout for: Saka, Evian, Brecon Carreg(Welsh), San Pellegrino(Italian), Kaurisprings(NZ), and more I am sure. Just tried ACILS by Spritzer most recently, it tastes nicer than Volvic, but I can’t really buy enough to suit my tastes.  I didn’t have to wait long for an effect. If I remember correctly the effect for me was fairly rapid, the same day, the initial effect a complete evacuation of very soft stool, loosening further as I continued to drink, until I thought the water was just passing through. Coming out as generally unaltered, though looking a touch dirty with the occasional torpedo that was a formed, glistening stool. It was time to try something extra.

I thought about what to do next. Since the steroids were unavailable to me, I could get some from my GI Dr, but that would only be in desperation. I’d already vowed never again to take any brand of mesalamine type drugs prescribed me, they had really unfortunate effects, they are supposed to keep you with regular bowel movements, they had explosive effects. I recalled having seen Silica capsules for sale at a health shop.

.Since a Silicon Rich Water alone had managed to get my bowels functioning (although wetter). I investigated silicon/silica. It’s an Essential element, expounded for its digestive properties. Interestingly, it’s adjacent to Aluminium on the periodic table (Aluminium’s atomic number is 13 (lucky for some?), Silicon’s is 14. I also read Aluminium is harmful to life.

Thank you Professor Exley! Your research saved me from a life of abject misery – the next stage of treatments destined for me to be “harmless” vaccinations before Azathioprine  (an immune suppressor) which if it didn’t work would lead to surgery. It seems to me difficult having to live with a stoma and bag.

After removing Aluminium from the water, stopping my colon from being exposed to the metal. I believe the ulcers started healing as it improved my bowel movements, but for the lower parts of my intestines healing would take a little longer. I thought silicon rich water, silica? I had only self to act as a ‘Guinea Pig’.

One of the last flares (UC) I had was being unable to drink the SRW for less than a week. Just drinking ordinary ‘so-called’ potable water sent me into a flare. I started drinking the SRW again as soon as I could. As I was flaring again my Gastro Intestinal Dr did a Sigmoidoscopy, (a shorter version compared to a full Endoscopy).  I have always had a fear of the the endoscope doing damage, I have never dreamt of having sedation, partly as method of self-preservation, and following a Road Traffic Accident I take ages to wake. There was almost a straight line between the flaring and healthy looking parts. She gave a gasp when she saw the distinction. I thought I must be doing something right.

I continued this form of treatment, until I became too wet on the toilet, I then started the silica capsules, 200mg, I read the Bamboo gel ones are more effective. You should find you might get natural lubrication for the stool returning as well as more normal shaped stool formation although I think that depends how long you suffered with the condition, how much damage has been caused, scaring, etc. The stool should be more compact, and the shape might not be great until the return of a healthier digestive system, or that could be from having to eat smaller amounts of food. Being unable to take the silica capsules, I could only manage to find Silicol gel, a very pleasant liquid gel that’s claimed to be good for IBS. The dosage, a teaspoon twice daily, works out as a very similar to the capsules and the body only will take what it needs.

I could never be bothered to try a special diet or eliminating food by food to see if I could find a trigger for my UC. And if I’m correct in my assumptions then I would have been wasting all my energy and time trying this. It took me a while for me to realise, that I am on an elimination diet – an Aluminium elimination diet!

I haven’t stopped drinking the SRW, but as I use it for all drinks, still likely to be a similar volume. Tea made with plain tap water burns my throat, I always end the day with a couple of large glasses of SRW to counteract any plain tap water I might have drunk.

It is now a lifestyle, drink ordinary water and be ill, or use the SRW with silica capsules, and keep well. It’s a bit of a no-brainer.

With this I found it’s not a perfect solution, they might be times when I felt I was not getting a proper evacuation, and I started to eat liquorice, you know you can get it from the health shop nearby. You know the reputation of liquorice, it’s a kind of emetic, makes you go to the toilet. I know people don’t care for it much, but I remembered reading how it altered your immunity, could that be due to the effect of having metal (compounds) injected?

The real reason I found this was a complete dread/phobia of operations, put simply it’s just too easy for a surgical solution that ties you into needing special equipment to care for yourself, I had a squint operation years ago, and they were getting worried that I didn’t want to wake up!

Well no more UC, but my GI Dr. wants to do a proper examination before considering signing me off. Maybe it will not work for everybody, but at least it has worked for me, for me it has always been the use of aluminium to clear the water that caused my disease. If you have taken the time and effort to read this, thank you very much, let’s hope it succeeds as quickly for you as it did me.

Just a little pleasant post thought please look up the side effects of Aluminium, it might say tarry black stools, or it can say causes painful urination, you too? I never realisd until I started the water, I never knew it was never supposed to be painful, it’s not now.

Obviously to me, this is a continuous problem I can’t stop drinking the water, and taking silica capsules. I also think a multi-mineral might help, but this is not all. I’ve been looking at the mechanisms of immunity, or trying to elucidate the process.


I have this problem, and it caused me suffering that I’m always thinking of new additions to this that doesn’t involve took much effort as I’m really lazy, and I can’t be bothered with the elimination of this or that food, does it help? Finding what’s really worked helping to improve my digestion, looking at possible ways to increase the solidity of stool, calm down my intestines some more I looked at the zinc finger proteins, and read a lack/deficiency of zinc causes diarrhoea. So, I’ve only tried this on myself, I added a daily zinc supplement, zinc lozenges or zinc citrate, that made me look up The Krebbs cycle or citric acid cycle, this is about the use of oxygen, this made me think of hypoxia being caused by Aluminium, there’s still more to come on this! Will keep you informed!

I hate pain.

This might not be rapid enough for you, needing something to help me that requires a special medication makes no sense to me as there will always be contra-indications, weakened bones and hair loss, brittle fingernails, bad skin quality.

Quick guide:

1 litre SRW/day to begin.

As stools get moist, perhaps wet, begin Silica Capsules 200mg made from Bamboo gel.

I believe the silicic acid helps remove inimical Aluminium from the body stopping gut irritation that prevents moisture being reabsorbed, ill health begins as a result of the Aluminium clearing agent.

Types of silica capsules I’ve used mainly are Lambert’s/Natures Best, both made using Bamboo gel. I also tried Silicol gel.

Also I’ve just read that vitamin K and B1 are useful, as yet to try vitamin K, I feel the other helps to stop cramping or muscle tension, bit K is for my colon, I think, let you know.

In addition to that I tried vitamin k2, menaquinone, made things alot better. Vitamin k1 is plant based and not, maybe so useful, but I tried menaquinone, vitamin k2, as we don’t make much, animals have more in their intestines, the type you find could be a synthetic vitamin k2, menaquinone. It helps to works of the blood vessels, I think.

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  1. I would like more information, I have been drinking Fiji water for over 3 days going on to 4 days. Before the Fiji water my stool was soft diarrhoea but now it’s literally just water, can you tell me if this is normal and suddenly the urgency is there, is this a die off reaction. Getting worse before it gets better.


    1. Dear Shazmeen Bibi.
      Hope you have improved, there was a little bit more information on the site, about trying a silica capsule (bamboo origin), and adding a vitamin k2 (MK7), and using a zinc supplement max 12mg per day. but I think your stool might possibly become softer as mine has. That’s why I tried silica capsules made using Bamboo that improved things.


  2. I also choose a form of silica I saw in a Health Food Shop made using Bamboo (I know you can eat that) gel, it makes the stools firstly for me, larger and still soft, that’s when I used the vitamin k2, I had checked out that babies in US are given vit k shots so I read about the three kinds of k, k2 animals meat eaters use, so I thought afterreading that k3 is harmful. k2 you get it from fermented foods like NATTO, after checking you can get a tablet/pill of MK7, menaquinone, thought to try this, nevre felt better.I am a bit obsessed by this, eat healthily too!


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